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PolyComp Tutorial at HiPEAC

At HiPEAC 2015, the PolyComp 2015 tutorial will discuss polyhedral compilation without polyhedra.

This tutorial follows the tradition of the Omega Project and use a slightly higher-level representation based on integer tuples bounded by quasi-affine constraints, called named Presburger sets. In particular, the following topics will be addressed

  • How to model various aspects of a piece of code using Presburger sets and relations.
  • Which basic operations are available on such sets and relations, without going into details on how these operations are implemented.

  • How to use these operations to mainly analyze but also transform programs.

  • Which tools are available for polyhedral compilation.

  • A small selection of some of the results that may be achieved through polyhedral compilation.

An earlier version of this tutorial was presented as the first half of a lecture at the polyhedral school, but some of the material will be updated and some extra material will be added.

Tobias Grosser