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Polly Labs participates at Google Summer of Code

Google has selected Polly Labs as one of their Summer of Code 2017’s mentoring organizations. Polly Labs is committed to promote software and research around polyhedral compilation. We now invite students who are interested in participating to apply.

If you are interested in the topic of polyhedral compilation, you may take this as a chance to get involved in the community and open source software development, and even get paid for it. Polly Labs not only supports the development of LLVM Polly, but software, community and research around polyhedral compilation in general, such as such as the Integer Set Library. You can choose to work on one of our ideas or suggest your own project.

If you are a professor, we would be glad if you could propose this opportunity to your students.

Google opens student application on 20th March and closes on 3rd April. We prefer if interested students contact us in advance to discuss what project they are interested in.

We are also still looking for GSoC project ideas and people who a willing to mentor. If you are maintaining an open source project in the domain of polyhedral compilation, feel free to contact us as well.

More information on our blog post and our GSoC 2017. The latter explains how students can apply and a list of suggestions for projects.

We will see us soon contributing to great open source software!

Michael Kruse