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IMPACT 2017 - Program and Call for Participation

We call for participation for IMPACT’17 at HiPEAC’17 on Jan 23rd in Stockholm, Sweden.

With a keynote from Paul Kelly, six full papers, as well as two short papers – and most importantly – an exciting audience, a new incarnation of IMPACT is coming up.


  • Delivering and generalising domain-specific program
    Paul Kelly (Imperial College London)

Polyhedral Modeling and Code Generation

  • Semi-Automatic Generation of Adaptive Codes
    Maxime Schmitt, César Sabater, Cédric Bastoul

  • Splitting Polyhedra to Generate More Efficient Code
    Harenome Razanajato, Vincent Loechner, and Cédric Bastoul

  • A general compilation algorithm to parallelize and optimize counted loops with dynamic data-dependent bounds
    Jie Zhao, Albert Cohen

Compilation Systems and Architecture

  • APOLLO: Automatic speculative POLyhedral Loop Optimizer
    Juan Manuel Martinez Caamano, Aravind Sukumaran-Rajam, Artiom Baloian, Manuel Selva and Philippe Clauss

  • Data Reuse Analysis for Automated Synthesis of Custom Instructions in Sliding Window Applications
    Georgios Zacharopoulos, Giovanni Ansaloni and Laura Pozzi

  • More Data Locality for Static Control Programs on NUMA Architectures Adilla Susungi, Albert Cohen and Claude Tadonki

Short-papers and Panel Discussion

  • Short-Talk: Bounded Task Schedules for Task-based Run-times
    Yuhan Peng, Martin Kong and Vivek Sarkar (Rice University)

  • Short-Talk: Memory-Aware Tiling using Conflict Lattices
    Adrian Tate, David Adjiashvili and Utz-Uwe Haus. (Cray EMEA Research Lab, IFOR, D-MATH, ETH Zurich)

Tobias Grosser