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Spring school on numerical simulation and polyhedral code optimization

May 9-13, 2016

St Germain au Mont d’Or, near Lyon, France


An inter-disciplinary spring school is organized near Lyon, France, from Monday 9 to Friday 13, May 2016. The school targets both students and researchers in high-performance computing interested in exploring the potential interactions between numerical simulation applications and compiler optimizations.

The school will focus on applications whose regularity, use of data structures such as arrays, and numerical intensity may make the automation or semi-automation of optimizations both feasible and useful, concentrating in particular on polyhedral analysis and optimizations for GPGPUs and multicores. The goal is to discuss, in the light of the expertise from the application side, how recent development of polyhedral techniques and tools can help (or not yet) improving the interaction between the users and the compilers.

The school will be organized as 7 half-days of courses (+ 1 half-day of break) covering topics such as:

  • architecture features and manual code optimizations
  • discretization methods, stencils
  • automatic (mostly polyhedral) code analysis and optimizations
  • locality and loop tiling
  • cost models, in particular roofline model
  • automatic tools for GPGPUs and multicores
  • numerical precision

with speakers from both the numerical simulation and compiler communities.

People willing to attend this spring school should first signal their interest before April 01 (but the sooner the better, places are limited). See explanations on the corresponding registration web page. Registration fees are kept very low (for academics, 150 euros for a single room, 200 euros for a double room) and will cover the whole week (food and lodging).

More details are provided on the web page of the school: http://mathsinfohpc.sciencesconf.org/

Note that this spring school is the second event of a larger thematic quarter on high performance computing (http://hpc-milyon.universite-lyon.fr/) organized in Lyon and around, with several events, from April to July 2016. The other events, which may also be of interest for you, are:

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Violaine Louvet, Alain Darte

Alain Darte